Speaker Panel

  • Dr. Deborah Kay Elms

    Executive Director
    Asian Trade Centre
  • GAO Yong

    Vice Chairman
    China NationalTextile and Apparel Council
  • Christian Schindler

    Director General
    International Textile Manufacturers Federation (ITMF)

Summit Background

Vietnam has a long tradition of producing traditional furniture and a very substantial production Increase has developed in recent years triggered by a good number of substantial FDI’s seeking better resources and lower labour costs. An increasing number of companies are moving in from East Asian locations as Taiwan, Malaysia, Thailand and more recently China.

Vietnam exported $3.8 billion worth of wood products during the first seven months of 2016, slightly up from the same period last year and experienced average annual growth of 7 - 8 percent in recent years

The dramatic rise of the furniture industry needs strategies to be on a right direction and create an environment the furniture industry can become a real economic success.

The Vietnamese Furniture Industry has fast became a major force in World furniture manufacture. Can the present impetus be maintained ? Creating sustainability while adapting new technologies and satisfy profitability is the responsibility to all participants of this industry.

This summit aims to provide insightful information how to capture the opportunities and how to Increase Efficiency of Vietnamese Supporting Industries. Get new knowledge to smooth operation. Network with Vietnamese Manufacturers, Executives of FDI operators and Senior Government Officials attending the session.

Summit Highlights
  • The Transformation and Upgrading of Vietnam Furniture Industry. FTAs and Its Facilitation on the Industry.
  • Sustainable Development of the World Furniture & Interiors Industry
  • Overview of Market, Investment Trends in the Vietnam’s Woodworking Industry
  • Interpretation on DTS & FSC2 of Europe
  • Analysis of Furniture Industry Risk
  • Integrating Sustainability into Every Aspect of the Industry
  • Creating Green Furniture with Care & Practicing Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Constantly Innovating and Creating a National Brand
  • Responsible Wood Sourcing and Use of Forest Products
  • Panel Discussion: Product Recall Handling Mechanism and Related Experience
  • Global Trend for Natural Material Boosts Vietnam's Furniture & Interior Sector
  • ERP System Implementation to Achieve Fast Turnaround and Product Quality
  • Wood Processing Requirements of Export Markets
  • Application of Eco-Friendly and Efficient Coating Materials & Process
  • To Increase Added Value By Consolidating Design
  • Comprehensive Connectivity for a 360° Supply Chain
  • Vietnam Logistics Challenges and Roadmap Ahead
  • Technology Drives Innovation in Furniture Industry

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