Parts of Previous Speaker

  • Jim Kreuger

    Senior Consultant
  • Jeff Zhang

    China Rep
    Cotton Incorporated
  • Dr. rer. nat. Jan Beringer

    Scientific Expert, BU Lifescience and Care
    Hohenstein Institute
  • Mary Ye

    Application Development Manager Textile Coating
  • Ingo Söller

    General Manager
    TWE Nonwoven (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd.
  • Xu Zhao Hui

    Head of Body Science R&D Center
    Wacoal China
  • Jestin Zhao

    General Manager
    Sanitized China
  • Wang Ying

    Ergonomics Engineering Research Manager
    Li Ning Company Limited
  • Livio Rodari

    Business Development Director
    Santoni Knitting Machinery Co.,Ltd.

Summit Background

Bold investment targets, rising wages, huge R&D funding (only about 226 billion euros in 2017) and an emerging willingness to quality: China's development of spillover production facilities from the West into its own high-tech industrial powers is not marked on the right Signs. This trend is also strongly reflected in the Chinese textile industry.

In the past few years, with the emergence of globalization, competition and quality awareness, new signs have been reached. As technology and application standards continue to increase, consumer demand is increasing. To achieve this standard, manufacturers must add something to their products in order to gain some added value for their products. A product must be able to contain more things, so this has brought today's market to a platform where it is difficult for manufacturers to market his products until he meets the consumer's new things, not only rewarding his novelty. The concept also greatly increased his profits. This impulse comes up with something new to make more profit, has a bigger market share, and satisfying this fashion may be called the added value of textiles.

The Conference Serves as An Academic and Networking Platform for Corporate Researchers, Entrepreneurs and Market Stakeholders to Share Recent Scientific Developments, Cutting Edge Technologies, Innovations, Trends, Concerns, Challenges and Opportunities in The Field of Functional, Technical and Smart Textiles Market.

Summit Highlights
  • Trade Wars, Tariffs and Its Impact to Global Functional & Technical Textiles Market
  • Global Procurement Upgrade and R&D Innovation Analysis of The Raw Materials of Functional Textiles
  • Technical and Functional Textiles Continue to Expand the Potential of China’s Textile and Apparel Industry
  • Global Smart Textiles Material and Process Technology Innovation & Application
  • Recent Breakthroughs In Fiber Materials and Manufacturing To Allow More Functions and Abilities of Fabric
  • High Performance and Speciality Man-made Fibers Market Product Segment Forecast To 2025
  • Lightweight, High Strength - Recycled Synthetics plus Added Ingredients for enhanced Multifunctions
  • Research Progress in Graphene Modified Polyester and Polyamide Fiber
  • High Performance Protective Fibers and Composites, and its Wide Range of Application in Consumer and Industrial Sector
  • Moisture Absorption and Quick Drying Micro-Nano-Fiber Membrane Materials Used in High-Grade Functional Clothing and Medical & Health Materials
  • New Additive Solution For Smoother Fibre Production, Focusing on Higher Performance at Better Convenience For aSustainable Future
  • Application of Environment-friendly and High-performance Composite Adhesives in Functional Textiles, Industrial Textiles and Automotive Interior Fabrics
  • Films and Coating for Apparel, Shoes and Functional Textiles, With Emphasis on Comfort, Functionality and Intelligence
  • The Finishing Technology of Organic Silicon Coating Further Enhances the High Added Value of Textiles
  • Nonwoven Composite to Shape New Generation of Cars NVH/Lightweight/Low VOC/High Wear Resistant /Filtration
  • The Latest Application of High Performance Nonwoven Products in Automobile, Home, Outdoor Sports, Medical and Health Industry
  • The New Technology and Demands for Nonwovens &Smart Textiles In Medical and Health Sector
  • Application of Anti -Mosquito, Anti -Mite and Anti -Bacteria in Functional Clothing, Underwear and Home Textiles
  • Textile Anti-Bacteria Technology Makes the Fabric to Completely Get Rid of Odor
  • High Wear Resistance, Light Resistance, Deformation Resistance, Chemical, Good Moisture, Breathable Textile Technology Innovation
  • International Outdoor and Tooling Brands’ Requirements for Functional Fabrics & Suppliers
  • Prospect of Consumption Trend of Sports Functional Textile Market
  • Accelerate High Performance Product Development, Keep up with Fashion Trend, Leading Consumer Demand
  • New Technology and Standard for Functional Textile Testing
  • Application and Development Prospect of Digital Inkjet Printing Technology in FunctionalTextiles
  • Flawless Processing of Fiber to Seamless, High Density Fabrics

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