Unparalleled Speaker Lineup in the past 4 years

Summit Background

In 2013, over 20 millions of vehicles were manufactured and sold domestically. This number is growing at a 8% - 10% rate on a year- to-year basis. The automotive parts market is expecting a 20% plus growth rate beach year. The Chinas twelfth Five year plan advocates auto industry to put an emphasis on Quality over Quantity. And to put environment protection, closing down backward production as a priority.

At the Fourth Annual Event, we pulled together the most concerned topics based on latest policy change, market transformation, consumer preference change. And we will have deep interpretation on marching towards a higher level of environment friendly, energy efficient manufacturing process. Innovative coating / surface Technology and its impact on consumer. To achieve a sustained development.

This years event creates a platform to discuss at a strategic high how companies can adapt new technology to meet CSR. And with the fast change of consumer shopping behavior, how new technologies can help with product appearance. To effect the value of the goods.

Summit Highlights
  • High Growth Sectors Driving Asias Paints and Coatings Market, Innovations Aligned to Evolving Sustainability Trends
  • Key Targets, Restriction, Impact of Chinas 13th Five-Year Plan on Coating Industry
  • Interpretation of the Environmental Protection Law and Coating Quality Control System
  • Application of Sustainable, Eco-Friendly and Efficient technologies in Coating materials & Processes in China
  • Emerging Economies and Deepening Progress of Urbanization urges Growth of Powder Coatings Market Growth, and the Challenges and Opportunities
  • ?Finding Solution from the Source: Fulfill the Growing Demand of High Performance Coating,
  • Reduce VOC Emission, Provide Best Practice for Energy Saving and Reduce Environmental Footprint
  • Application of Water-based Mono-coat Primer in Automobile Painting
  • Challenges and complexities associated with coating Plastic and Composite Materials of car Components, such as Interior, Exterior, Bumper, Hub by OEM Manufactures
  • Multi Material and Impact on Paint
  • Waterborne Compact Process Concepts and Adoption of European Anti-Corrosion Method
  • Challenges and Opportunities Furniture Industry is Facing As a Result of the Integration of VOC Control System
  • Drivers for Growth of Waterborne Coatings in the Furniture Sector
  • New Development and Application on Water-based and Powder Coating, How to Better Meet Diverse & Personalized Needs of Consumer, also have Guarantee of Appearance and Quality
  • Application of New materials and Technology: Effectively Corrosion Prevention, To extend the Service Life of Vehicle
  • Trend of Lightweight Vehicle with Innovation Surface Treatment SystemsPlasticsHigh Strength Steel and Aluminum
  • Polyurethane Coating Technology Innovation for the Automotive OEM industry Market trends
  • Advanced Dust-free Grinding Technology
  • A Look at Todays Home Appliance Coating Treads and Disruptive Technology Breakthroughs
  • Green Energy Saving Paint Shop - Effectively Reduce Energy Consumption and VOC Emissions
  • Research and Practice on Management of Advanced Cleanness of Coating Line
  • Smart Paint Shop in the Age of Industry 4.0
  • Sustainable Technology of Waste Water Treatment in Paint shop
  • Development Trend and Practice of E-commerce in Coating Industry
  • Upgrading of Backward Paint Shop, What New Paint and Coating System Will be Most Adapted?
Event Overview

Surface Tech& Coatings Asia Pacific Series Forum has been successfully held in the past four years in Shanghai China, which has gained a great support from Coating Branch of China Surface Engineering Association, Hong Kong Metal Finishing Society and Powder Coating Institute in America and so on. This series event has been well-attended and graced with the presence of germane government officials, industrial associates, and high-level business leaders. Surface Tech& Coatings Asia Pacific Series Forum is one of the most influential and representative event in Chinese surface engineering industry
Top executives from many top market players such General Motors; Volkswagen; BWM; Honda; Daimler; FIAT; Caterpillar; Volvo; John Deere; Sany; Liugong;; Bosch; Samsung Heavy Industries; PPG, AkzoNobel; Exel; Durr; Geico; Nippon; Mirka; Hermes Abrasivesand so on have shared their valuable experience. The audience has also provided a lot of useful and practical ideas regarding the development of Chinese surface engineering industry.

On the event site, the products and the solutions from the sponsors have also gave the audience a very deep impression, such as Green Paint-Shop Solution from EISENMANN and Geico; Pigments products from Merck; Green Coating technology form PPG; Nippon; Basf; Surface Treatment from Henkel; Chemetall; Grinding Technology from Mirka; Hermes Abrasives; Spraying Equipment from Exel; SATA and ITW Gema; DSM Coating Resins; Industrial water treatment solution from Nalco; In other words the sponsors have greatly raised their brand awareness and identified the potential clients through the face-to-face communication with the leading OEMS during the events.

With numerous participants from different industries all gathered together, Surface Tech& Coatings Asia Pacific Series Forum provided an excellent platform for them to exchange information, share their experiences, and keep up with the latest government policies in Chinese surface engineering industry. Surveyed attendees found this series summit highly rewarding and spoke of anticipating 2016s annual event.

1st Surface Tech& Coatings Asia Pacific Forum
Date: November 9th-10th 2011
Venue: Renaissance Shanghai Putuo Hotel China

2nd Surface Tech& Coatings Asia Pacific Forum
Date: June 20th-21th 2012
Venue: Renaissance Shanghai Putuo Hotel China

3rd Surface Treatment & Coatings Asua Pacific 2013
Date: December 5th-6th 2013
Venue: Shanghai Inter Continental Pudong Hotel

4td Surface Treatment & Coatings Summit 2015
Date: April 9th-10th 2015
Venue: Shanghai Inter Continental Pudong Hotel


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