China E-commerce is rapidly increasing in recent year. The E-commerce transactions in 2014 realised 13 trillion Yuan with an increase of 25%. 2014 China's Mobile Commerce market transactions annual growth rate was 234.3 percent. At this year's NPC &CPPCC Congress China's premier Li Keqiang has introduced a new “Internet Plus” policy, the State Council executive meeting made it clear that it will guide venture capital fund aimed at supporting E-commerce start-ups, and opening doors wider for foreign investment in e-commerce business stake limit.

Meanwhile, increasing use of IOT, Wearable, Cloud Computing, Big Data, 3D Printing, will greatly blend physical and virtual shopping experience. Elevated market transparency and the large amounts of data information, is accelerating the change in Consumer Behaviour.

In 2014, the consumers of global luxury goods consumption in China reached US $ 106 billion. Thus calculated, the Chinese 2014 taking 46% of the global luxury goods, only a quarter of consumption took place domestically.

The government has also recently been working to lower prices on luxury goods, according to a statement by Ministry of Finance, since 1st June 2015, China will slash import tariffs on consumer goods including skincare products, Western-style clothes and diapers by an average of over 50 percent. Suits, Fur import tariffs by 14% -23% to 7% -10%, short boots, sport shoes from 22% -24% to 12%. Import diapers from 7.5% to 2%, and skincare from 5% to 2% respectively.

Ministry of Commerce in China predicted that in 2016 China's Cross-border E-commerce import and export volume will grow to 6.5 trillion Yuan, with an Annual growth rate of over 30%.
Turnover Percentage contributions to total exports/imports will rise up to 20%.

In 2014, Chinese Mobile Commerce was witnessed a massive explosion,  mobile shopping , mobile payment, mobile banking users had an annual growth of 63.5% , 73.2% and 69.2% respectively, higher than that of other mobile apps.  And the gloomy Mobile Booking market boomed in 2014, the users had an annual growth at 194.6, won the Fastest growing Mobile App of the year.

With the rise of E-commerce, Retail Market is evolving from "Supply-Driven" to "Demand-Driven", in response, re-evaluate their entire enterprise, including the talent, processes and technologies, thinking beyond and redefine the retail game rules.

Insightful keynotes, panel discussions and workshops on Asia and China's E-commerce strategy, Cross-border commerce, internet plus and O2O, provide the premier networking, learning, and experiential summit that sets the strategic direction for Retailers and their suppliers.

Event Highlights:

  • Interpretation of Latest China E-Commerce Policy
  • Comparative Analysis and Estimates: China and Global Ecommerce Trends
  • With Further Reform and Continuous Innovation To Build a World Class e-Business? Platform
  • China’s “Internet Plus” strategy, Opportunities and Challenges
  • Traditional Brands E-Commerce Method to Achieve Effective Brand Positioning, Strategic Overall Arrangement, and High Efficient E-Commerce Performance
  • E-commerce Market Overview and Prospects of China, Japan, Korea, Russia and ASEAN 
  • Luxury Brands China E-commerce Story and Battle  
  • Cross-Border Payment Solutions for E-Commerce Business
  • Localised Service Strategies, to Improve the Overall Customer Experience
  • Reach Target Users more Effectively by Utilizing DSP Platforms
  • Evolving The Supply Chain in the Ecommerce Age
  • Effective Solutions of Managing Overseas Supplier, for Attracting, Filtering and Qualifying Foreign Supplies
  • Build a Robust Optimization Model for Cross-Border Logistics, to Improve the Efficiency of Goods Movement and Speed Up Clearance Process
  • Mobile Commerce: New Business Solution, Emerging Opportunity, Marketing Strategy
  • Mobile's Threat to Traditional Retail and Seize the Opportunity
  • New business solutions Driven by Big Data and Technology To Aid the use of personalized marketing in a connected world
  • Making Shopping Safe and Convenient
  • Case Study: Wanda Group's Exploring of O2O
  • Global Vision: Why And How Brands Must Go Omni-Channel, And How to Prioritize Key Initiatives
  • “Meilele Home + Meileie Experience Center” Oneline + Offline, Use a Combination of Both in Your Marketing Mix
  • Internet Plus + Manufacturing + O2O: Traditional Industry Transformation and Upgrading
  • O2O Business Grow using the Best E-commerce Service Provider
  • Internet + Medical Innovation; Patient Centric
E-Commerce Series Event Globally
  • Shanghai China
    Nov. 18-19th 2015
  • New York USA
    May 5-6 2016

  • London UK
    August 9-10 2016

  • Tokyo Japan
    October 19-20 2016

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