Event Highlights
  • Interpretation of Latest China E-Commerce Policy
  • Comparative Analysis and Estimates: China and Global Ecommerce Trends
  • With Further Reform and Continuous Innovation To Build a World Class e-Business? Platform
  • China’s “Internet Plus” strategy, Opportunities and Challenges
  • Traditional Brands E-Commerce Method to Achieve Effective Brand Positioning, Strategic Overall Arrangement, and High Efficient E-Commerce Performance
  • E-commerce Market Overview and Prospects of China, Japan, Korea, Russia and ASEAN 
  • Luxury Brands China E-commerce Story and Battle  
  • Cross-Border Payment Solutions for E-Commerce Business
  • Localised Service Strategies, to Improve the Overall Customer Experience
  • Reach Target Users more Effectively by Utilizing DSP Platforms
  • Evolving The Supply Chain in the Ecommerce Age
  • Effective Solutions of Managing Overseas Supplier, for Attracting, Filtering and Qualifying Foreign Supplies
  • Build a Robust Optimization Model for Cross-Border Logistics, to Improve the Efficiency of Goods Movement and Speed Up Clearance Process
  • Mobile Commerce: New Business Solution, Emerging Opportunity, Marketing Strategy
  • Mobile's Threat to Traditional Retail and Seize the Opportunity
  • New business solutions Driven by Big Data and Technology To Aid the use of personalized marketing in a connected world
  • Making Shopping Safe and Convenient
  • Case Study: Wanda Group's Exploring of O2O
  • Global Vision: Why And How Brands Must Go Omni-Channel, And How to Prioritize Key Initiatives
  • “Meilele Home + Meileie Experience Center” Oneline + Offline, Use a Combination of Both in Your Marketing Mix
  • Internet Plus + Manufacturing + O2O: Traditional Industry Transformation and Upgrading
  • O2O Business Grow using the Best E-commerce Service Provider
  • Internet + Medical Innovation; Patient Centric
E-Commerce Series Event Globally
  • Shanghai China
    Nov. 18-19th 2015
  • New York USA
    May 5-6 2016

  • London UK
    August 9-10 2016

  • Tokyo Japan
    October 19-20 2016

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